Hotel uniform we specialize in providing the uniform as follows:
- Hotel Manager uniform
- Hotel Reception uniform
- Hotel Waiter/Waitress uniform
- Hotel Chef uniform  (Chef coat, Chef hat)
- Hotel Mixer uniform
- Hotel Odd job uniform
- Hotel Security Guard uniform
- Hotel Technical team uniform
- Hotel Massage, spa uniform
- Hotel bar uniform

In addition to designing and sewing uniforms, we also:
- Provides all types of ready-made ​​hotel uniforms, specially delivery after 1 hour in Hanoi, daily delivery in the other provinces.
- uniform Printing, printing and embroidering logo at the request ...
With the motto "Uniforms like your demand, Demand met immediately “ we get advice and delivery across the country. Customers wishing to design, apparel, buy hotel uniform, please contact us for advice and the best service!

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